Serge wool / Blackout drapes
Made of serge wool, with a weight of 540gr/m2, fireproof certificate class C1.
Drape drops from 2,5m to 15m.
To hang from truss.

HEIGHTS of 15m, 12m, 11m, 8m and 5m

Over 4500sqm of black drapes for your events !!

Rent of Black Serge Wool drapes, over 400gr with webbing reinforcement on the sides and top, bag on the bottom, sewn laces.

Rent of M1 fireproof drapes for your events, suitable for indoor concerts, road shows, projection rooms, and highly recommended to separate spaces with our 250ml (820’) of Pipe & Drape system at 5m high (16´).




Rental of black box drape for your stage.

Rental in Spain and Southern France.


Pipe and Drape

Detalle de Pipe & Drape
Rental Telescopic aluminium structure from which drapes can be hung.
Pipe & Drape

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