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Splixler is one of those adaptors you’ll wonder howyou ever did without! Splitting and gender changing3-pin XLR (mic) cables has never been easier with thisrugged and compact, yet low cost, AV accessory.

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PC Balance Box
PC Balance Box eliminates hum problems when connecting audio from your presentation PC. Hum can happen anywhere. You don’t have to be running your audio signal a long distance. Power supplies, fluorescent lights and all sorts of equipment can cause noise that is picked up by your audio input cables.
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PXB is the AV audio professional’s trouble-shooting toolkit. Being completely passive (no batteries orexternal power required) and bi-directional, PXB canmatch unbalanced and balanced audio sources, line tomic levels, stereo and mono signals, and troubleshoot hum problems – all in one versatile and rugged unit.
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Flight Cases
Flight case with custom foam inserts for MasterCue V5, V4+, ComboCue 2, CountDown and Indicator.
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Universal Stand

The Universal Stand has been designed to support cabled remotes and RF receiver from the Interspace Industries brand. This will stop the RF Receiver just being laid down on top ofthe system thereby ensuring the aerial is in a more efficient position.

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Pipe and Drape

Detalle de Pipe & Drape
Rental Telescopic aluminium structure from which drapes can be hung.
Pipe & Drape

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The Android Keynote
The presenter uses the MastercueV5.

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PC Bal Box

PC Bal Box
The ‘Hum’ Eliminator

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